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Recovering VMs can be tricky.
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Microsoft Hyper-V
Data Recovery

Hyper-V is an enterprise-grade Type I hypervisor developerd by Microsoft. It is based on the Windows Server operation system. Our engineerss can recover your data if something happens within your Hyper-V virtual environments, or to the server containing them.

Data Recovery

VMWare EXSi is a direct competitor to Microsoft Hyper-V. It is also a Type I hypervisor developed for enterprise use. It is lightweight and runs on its own properietary microkernel. If something has happened to your ESXi virtual machines or the server containing them, our data recovery experts can get your data back.

What Is a Virtual Machine?

When you put an operation system onto a virtual hard drive, you get a virtual machine. Usin a hypervisor, you can use this virtual machine as if it were your computer. Depending on the size of your hard drive or server, you can fill it with as many virtual machines as you want. Virtual machines have many uses, from fun and convience to disaster recovery.

Type I and Type II Hypervisors

The software you use to create and manage your virtual machine is called a “hypervisor”. Hypervisors can be classified into one of two types: Type I and Type II. Both types of hypervisors have their own strengths and weaknesses.

A Type I hypervisor is also called a “bare metal” or “native” hypervisor. Software such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXi is aType I hypervisor. The software is installed directly on the “host” machine, with no need for a pre-existing operating system before creating the virtual “guest” machine. In this setup, the only standing between the host machine’s hardware and the guest machine is the hypervisor itself.

Virtual Machine Desktop Virtualization

Can RAID Systems Fail?

Yes. RAID systems are incredibly robust, and can run mission critical business applications without error for years without any issue. They are the main choice of most businesses who need to ensure that a single hard drive failure won’t damage their business at any level. But despite their robustness, the RAID system does have a single weak link: the mechanical nature of hard disk drives.

24 hour RAID Recovery is available here.

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