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Installation and Support

Technology has become part of our daily lives, and with it, part of our homes. As technology develops and evolves, new opportunities appear, where the latest tech can transform how we live, improving every aspect of life. At iDigital, we provide a range of home technology solutions that deliver the benefits of cutting-edge technology to your daily life. If you're in need of access to the best in national security and technology, go no farther than iDigital, your neighborhood security expert.

We have good relationships with market players, which lets us know about new products and give your family the best price possible.

We make it easy for you to get what you want when you want it by streamlining order processing, setup, updates, and support.





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Features of "Smart Home" Technology

Get a no-hassle estimate to replace your aging infrastructure or launch immediately and save both time and money.

When does it become operational? When Does It Become Active? We are firm believers in the stress-free method. Thank goodness. A quota system does not exist for our advisors. Our team has performed thousands of successful installs. Your phone call is the first step.

Consultation over the phone, an in-home evaluation, a detailed estimate, and easy, professional installation on YOUR schedule.

- The best services for a smart house.

- Installation of a Video Doorbell

- Monitor who is at your door and converse with them directly from your phone. We'll put in your new doorbell and link it to your current Wi-Fi system.

- The Best Place to Buy a Video Doorbell

- Thermostat Upgrade to Wi-Fi Capability

- Use your smartphone to make temperature changes in your house from anywhere you have service. We'll set up your new thermostat and link it to your current Wi-Fi system.

A Smart Thermostat Can Be Purchased And Installed At Any Home Improvement Store Constructing Wireless Cameras

There has never been an easier way to monitor your property. We'll put the cameras in strategic places on your walls or ceilings, connect the system to your Wi-Fi network, and add your mobile device. Attachments are available for purchase independently. iDigital or one of our approved third-party contractors will deliver, set up, or fix your iDigital product. All of the contractors we work with on the outside must check the credentials of their employees before letting them into your house.

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