Virtual Reality Repair

Why replace when you can repair.

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VR Repair

When everyone has an opportunity to leave their digital footprint, technology truly shines. When it comes to opening doors of opportunity, education is the single most significant component. To fully realize the potential of technology, it must be made available to all. Equality in iDigital and in the wider world is one of our primary objectives.

How it Works

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Crash or want to upgrade your VR

Request repair ticket on website or over phone.

or call us:
+1 (833) 543 - 4448

Receive email with instructions how to send us your VR.

Once we received your drone, we send you an email showing pics of what was received.

We send you an estimate of costs for repair

If you approve, drone is repaired. If you don’t accept, we charge a $69* diagnostic fee

We will fix your VR and do a test to confirm.

After testing, you’ll receive an email with a link to pay online

You receive your VR and you’re in the Matrix again :)

Request Help

Have a question? Need help? Get in touch with us.


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