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Why replace when you can repair.

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Biomedical service technicians are ready to meet your service and repair needs. We offer technical support by phone and a free quote for medical equipment repair!

Repair & Maintenance

Support for the Biomedical Field We have the skilled professionals you require for all of your maintenance and repair work. Get a free estimate on the cost of repairing your medical device when you call us now for phone-based technical help! adjustments and up keep Identify the problem right away and fix the medical equipment. We offer comprehensive repair services for medical devices and routine maintenance for biomedical devices.

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Accessories and Replacement Parts for Machines

Get new parts or upgrades for your medical tools so that you can fix broken ones or make your current medical practices better. Keep up with the most recent advances in healthcare technology and medical tools. Biomedical Services and Repair personalized, on-site service and repair of medical equipment using factory-direct expertise.

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Certify & Contract

All professional staff follows DOH, TJC, NFPA, HIPPA, and other regulatory agencies, ensuring they meet maintenance standards recommended by the manufacturer.

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Why Us?

Reduce expenditures and maximize the usefulness of medical gear by doing these With a clinical engineering program that coordinates services across your institution or IDN, you might be able to get back millions of dollars in lost service costs and make more medical equipment available. With an iDigital biomedical program, we make sure you follow all the rules and give you cutting-edge analytics to help you plan for future service expansions and purchases of capital equipment. When we fix and maintain medical equipment, we add value by following ISO 13485:2016 and the highest regulatory standards in the industry.

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Why Us

Today's clinical engineering team faces complex challenges. Hospital clinical engineering departments sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the rapid development of healthcare technologies. Also, the amount of mobile medical equipment (MME) has grown by almost 90% over the past 20 years.

Your healthcare technology management (HTM) team probably hasn't grown as your HTM duties have grown. Therefore, you're prob So, you probably have a backlog of repairs for biomedical equipment, are juggling different suppliers, and are in charge of a larger number of service contracts. Management departments like yours are likely to feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the biomedical repair and maintenance backlog, as well as the unpredictability of demand spikes.

Scheduling, biomedical staffing, and more flexibility Whether you need biomedical labor to supplement your in-house team or extensive clinical engineering services, iDigital has you covered.

Use our professionals as needed, set up regular repairs and maintenance, or take advantage of our comprehensive outsourcing programs. Because our national network is so big and deep, you have more options than ever before for dealing with repair backlogs, making more equipment ready for patients, and lowering the cost of maintaining equipment.

The Biomedical Industry's Most Comprehensive Collection of Innovative Products and Services Our local, highly trained professionals offer a wide range of service and support options for your hospital's biomedical equipment, personnel problems, and overall goals.

- Modifications and upkeep

- Plans for a single mode of transport or several

- Support for biological needs, on-demand

- Prepaid Service Hours for Tech Support

- Maintenance and repair services provided on-site

- Help in reporting and keeping tabs on regulations

DSPs, or Devoted Service Plans iDigital's solutions, which range from general biomedical alternatives that can be used on demand to fully outsourced clinical engineering projects, are all scalable. Whether you need a broad biomed program to free up your in-house team to work on high-end medical equipment or a completely outsourced clinical engineering program that includes vendor management and capital planning, iDigital has you covered. Our programs are made to help you save a lot of money on services while still being compliant with reporting regulations for your hospital and healthcare technology.

The Bedrock of Evaluating and Managing the Worth of Equipment MODULE OF A MORE COMPREHENSIVE WAY TO SAVE MONEY

Because of the quality of our staff and the flexibility of our services, iDigital is quickly becoming the place to go for biomedical help. But getting contracts for equipment and hiring more people won't solve the problem of vendors not being the same or bring down capital spending. Equipment Value Management (EVM) is a method made available by iDigital that streamlines operations in a healthcare facility to save a lot of money and make a real difference in the quality of care.


Maintenance and Repair of Medical Imaging and Electronics With a bespoke program, you can maximize uptime, control expenses, and streamline the maintenance of all of your medical equipment. Our ISO 13485:2016 quality standards and unmatched ability to find parts, along with our highly trained biomedical equipment specialists, make sure that you have the help you need, day or night, to stay in compliance and keep giving your patients excellent care.

Providing Maintenance and Repair for Medical Imaging Equipment

Diagnostic imaging equipment is one of your most important investments, and you can get the most out of it by maximizing uptime with highly qualified engineers and ensuring strict compliance is set. Our clients' diagnostic imaging services thrive because of the breadth and depth of our engineers' knowledge, your vendor management being streamlined, and the personnel you require being either on-call or permanently employed. So, it doesn't matter what kind of biomedical equipment or treatment methods you use, because our staff has been trained on all of them.

Methods for Servicing and Fixing Biomedical Devices:

- Medications administered by means of infusion pumps

- Ventilators

- Anesthesia

- Equipment for monitoring patients

- Tools for surgery

- Lasers for medical use

- Masks and other breathing apparatus

- In-depth analysis of sterilization techniques

- Instruments used in the lab

- Inpatient hospital equipment, including beds and stretchers

- Appliances for the purpose of rehabilitation

- Find out what tools you'll need: Analyzing the State of Medical Imaging Technology

- With iDigital evaluation, you can see exactly what medical equipment in all of your facilities needs to be serviced and when. Everything is rated for risk, from brand-new to pre-owned to rented to lent to doctor-owned, and then maintenance levels are set depending on the total score.

We Can Help You Find Any Replacement Parts You Need for Your Medical Imaging or Biological Science Devices The Technical Resource Group at Crothall is your go-to for locating replacement components.

Our clinical engineering staff is able to maintain operational medical equipment even after OEM or vendor support has ended, thanks to our 24/7 parts and supplies buying, support, and training services.

We work with more than 2,200 trusted suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which lets us offer high-quality spare parts and maintenance services at prices that are competitive with the market. Our rigorous ISO 13485:2016 quality requirements are enforced on all of our vendors.

Solutions for All Your Clinical Engineering Needs

Solutions in Medical Technology
Have your broken medical gear fixed and your diagnostic imaging needs met with precision.

iDigital clinical engineering services have you covered no matter what kind of medical equipment you use or what kind of service coverage you require. Services for Diagnostic Imaging and Biological Equipment Maintenance

Streamlining the way your organization takes care of repairs and maintenance for all of its medical devices will cut costs and boost productivity. Control of Medical Gear

Strategic administration of medical supplies and equipment in inpatient care settings, extended care networks, and outpatient clinics

Internet Security for Medical Devices

Services in healthcare cyber security are aimed at lowering patient risk due to unsecured medical equipment. Protect, detect, and respond to threats to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Techs and Engineers in the Field of Medical Devices

Find the top biomedical, clinical, and imaging engineers to maintain your company's machinery. Answers That Will Help You

Investigate potential answers applicable in a range of healthcare environments. Our program can help you whether you need help at your main office or a branch office.

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