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Is your Business Disaster

Is your small business ready if a crisis were to occur tomorrow? In the event of a crisis, it is crucial that your business has a plan in place to ensure its survival.

More than a quarter of companies will suffer a disaster every year, as reported by the Association of Small Business Development Centers. 43% of businesses that don't have a disaster plan close permanently, while only 29% are still operating after 2 years. The future of your business can be safeguarded with little effort and cost by practicing emergency preparedness.

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Use this easy checklist to keep your company safe:

• Whether it's a low flood plain or regular power outages, you need to know about these potential dangers to your property so you can prepare accordingly.

• Make sure that, in the case of a catastrophe that forces you to close your offices, you can still access your most important business processes from a remote location.

• Look over your insurance policies, keeping in mind that most policies won't cover flood damage.

Please review the policy's coverage for business interruption.

Get everyone's home and mobile numbers and make sure they know how to get in touch with each other.

Make a list of key vendors and providers you work with regularly. Don't forget to provide your account information and license keys for any necessary software.

• Always have an off-site backup of your important files, whether on a flash drive or an external hard disk.

• A good rule of thumb is to store backups in a different location than primary storage.

• Important paper documents should be scanned and stored digitally.

• Keep your most important files and data on a cloud service (we recommend CommTech's CloudSync) when you're not near your office.

• Consider the importance of your company's apps and how long they may be down before it has a significant impact on operations as you create and exercise an IT DR plan.

• Create a contingency plan that allows you to keep operating in the event of a natural disaster, evacuation, or other emergency affecting your area, facility, or region.

IT system downtime of several days or weeks during a disaster is just not an option.
Despite the disaster,
you must continue to serve your clients and consumers.

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RAID Hard Drive Failure Tips

However you slice it, RAID recovery is one of the most involved data recovery services now offered. Professional care is required not just to extract the data from the RAID drive for recovery, but also to rebuild the RAID array securely, without data loss on the other drives within the array, because a RAID system comprises of more than just a single hard disk drive.

However, not every RAID failure can be traced back to a typical source. A lot of the RAID repairs we do at Hard Drive Recovery Group are the result of catastrophes like floods and fires. In such a situation, it is quite probable that all of the raid hard drives have failed if even one has.

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Single RAID Drive Failure vs. RAID Failure

There is a frequent misconception that RAID storage systems are prone to failure. In truth, with the exception of RAID 0, the "Redundant" in RAID refers to the system's built-in capacity for automatic backup using parity data.

Recent testing have shown that even with RAID 1, the probability of complete RAID hard drive failure within 3 years of installation is under 0.25%. This percentage is likely to be considerably lower in practice, as it is common practice to replace a failed RAID hard drive after it has occurred once.

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

Disaster Recovery Plan

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Our staff will test your disaster recovery procedures once the plan has been implemented. After that, we'll work with your business to make any necessary adjustments to the software so that, rain or shine, your operations will continue as usual. It is crucial to have a reliable disaster recovery and backup plan in place for your network and servers whether you are a small business, a medium-sized firm with multiple locations, or a major enterprise.

With iDigital's innovative approach to disaster preparation, your company can continue to operate normally during and after any type of catastrophic event. Let CommTech, the most reputable name in IT in the Greater New Orleans area, assist you in making your business more resilient to disasters so that you may save time, money, and energy.

After Hurricane Katrina, our region learned the hard way the significance of the New Orleans recovery effort. What would happen to your services if a disaster rendered your office inaccessible or damaged your computers? If you had to work remotely, how well would you be able to resume your duties from where you left off?

If not, you need to develop a disaster recovery plan that includes off-site storage. iDigital is more than just a New Orleans computer repair service; we also assist businesses in creating and implementing robust disaster recovery plans, complete with the equipment and systems essential to assure their success in the event that they are ever put into action.

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