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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to data loss. iDigital's software and hardware technology for recovering lost data from Mac hard drives are made in-house. This means that we can offer custom Mac data recovery solutions for any kind of data loss. So, iDigital engineers often offer Mac hard drive recovery that brings back files and data that other companies have written off as gone forever. Every day, we save customers' data when RecoveryHD for Mac fails.

Industry Standards for Data RETRIEVAL OF your MAC Critical Information

iDigital's Apple Certified data recovery experts have the highest success rate in the business because of their extensive, in-depth knowledge and technical skills gained from working with Mac hard drives for over 30 years.

Skilled, Certified technicians

iDigital can help you get your data back from a desktop PC, laptop, or server running Windows, Linux, or macOS, as well as from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS. Because of this, we often help people and businesses of all sizes recover lost Adobe files, email servers, photographs, movies, documents, and other vital items.

What we can offer

- Rescue your Lost Data from Your Macbook

-Fixing a Deleted File on a Macbook Air

- Recovery of Data from a Macbook Pro

-Rescue Lost Files from Your iMac

-Retrieve Lost Information from an iMac Pro

-Data Rescue for Mac Pro

-Data Rescue for Mac Minis and


-Mechanical disks, or HDDs, and electronic memory, or SSDs, are both types of storage media (SSD)

-Mac and Apple storage based on NAND flash fusion drives MANUFACTURERS\sSeagate\sToshiba

-Macintosh File Systems by Samsung Hynix


CD, DVD and Blu ray discs

More Mac Data Recovery and Why us


- Data corruption on a Mac

- Storms, floods, or fires that cause destruction

- Device was dropped.

- Overheating

- Contamination of the media surface

- surge in power

- Failure or overheating of the power source

- Vibrational injury

- Faulty production

- Problem with the electrical circuit


- Loss of data via over sight or accident requires reformatting. Partition reorganization

- Accidental reformatting. essential media elements

- Data on a Mac was inadvertently erased.

- The sabotage of a company by its own employees

- Passwords have been lost or forgotten.

- User mistahaveon a Macintosh computer

For Mac data recovery, why go with iDigital?

- Quickness: Highest Mac data recovery success rate and shortest turnaround time with our Standard Service

- Information Security: An annual SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II audit lets you know that your sensitive information is being kept in the safest place possible. State-Of-The-Art

- Crafts: ISO 9001:2008 Approved A clean environment improves data recovery by reducing the number of airborne particles.

- Support: Expert data recovery consultants with offices in the U.S. are available 7 days a week.

- Service Options: Tailored Mac data recovery solutions

- Comprehensive Quotation in Writing: The original quote will not go up, and it will stay the same.

- Hardware replacement will never prevent or delay Mac data recovery thanks to our extensive in-house component inventory.

- Pay Nothing Up Front: We do not require payment or a credit card to begin working on your case until we have successfully retrieved your data, which we will do at no cost to you.

- Because we are an Apple-authorized service provider, getting your data back with iDigital will not affect your original Apple warranty.

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