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Why replace when you can repair.

CD, DVD and Blu ray discs

Can RAID Systems Fail?

Yes. RAID systems are incredibly robust, and can run mission critical business applications without error for years without any issue. They are the main choice of most businesses who need to ensure that a single hard drive failure won’t damage their business at any level. But despite their robustness, the RAID system does have a single weak link: the mechanical nature of hard disk drives.

24 hour RAID Recovery is available here.

List of supported formats for password recovery services:

Passware apps
recognize over
300+ file types

and work in batch
mode recovering

Key Advantages

  Cloud Password Recovery

You do not need to install any software; just upload an encrypted file to our website and wait for the result. The power of our computing cluster allows us to perform a huge amount of complex calculations in just a few hours, so on home computer can compete with it.

  Free Weak Password Recovery

We recover weak passwords for free; you can even don't need to register on our website! We can do the job in a few minutes and guarantee a positive result in 22% of cases according to our internal statistics.

  Pay Only For Successful Recovery

You pay only for the strong password recovery and only if it is a success. No prepayment needed!

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Click the button below if you would like to send in your device. Sending in your divce is financially risk-free. You will be asked to fill out a short form. Once you have completed the form, we will send a shipping label to the address provided. After we receive your device, we will begin a free evaluation and contact you with a firm price quote.


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