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Battery/Charging Issue

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Diagnosis/Other Issue

Cracked screens and Lcd

Don't panic if you accidentally crack the display on your smartwatch.

For the majority of popular smartwatch models, we stock complete display replacements. With access to the necessary components, we can do the necessary repair. Our components may be ordered in and received within three to four days, and we can usually do the work the same day.

Keep in mind that if we are unable to execute a repair, we will not charge you for the assessment.

Battery Replacement or Re charging

The one thing in your Smart Watch that is guaranteed to get worse over time, a bad battery Recharging the Batteries

The only part of your SmartswatchWatch that will wear out over time is the battery, which will make the watch run less well and eventually stop holding a charge.

Just like with LCDs, batteries may be swapped out as long as the replacement component is readily available. Our job as an RMA center means we have worked with hundreds of watches, and although changing the battery in a smart watch is tough, we still provide extremely affordable rates.

Services We Provide

We Provide a Wide Range of Services The following is only a small sampling of the smart watch repair services that iDigital can manage:

Watch repairs include replacing the internal battery, the screen, the home button, and water damage.

Repair Options: Flex Cable, Glass Back, Charging Port, Microphone, and Headphone Repairs may include swapping out the jack, camera, lens, speaker, sim tray, sim reader, vibrator module, wifi fix, bezel, and strap.

Call us anyway because we can fix ANY problem on ANY device that isn't listed here.

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