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What makes our franchise opportunity unique??

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• Potential for collaboration with established technology companies

• Having a distribution hub in-house can save money.

• Self-directed, in-depth training program

• Unique applications that improve productivity

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Only at iDigital

iDigital franchisees save you the time and money of having to acquire OEM-quality replacement components by sourcing them through our partnerships and internal distribution center. So that our partners never run out of important supplies, our automated system constantly checks stock levels and places orders for more.

One-of-a-Kind Learning Environment

We're very proud of the detailed onsite training program we created to help our partners succeed. Our headquarters are located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and we encourage prospective franchisees to visit us there to get a feel for our company and culture.

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Ultramodern Portal Integration

We made a site called iDigital that connects to other systems and helps with things like onboarding, training, distribution, reporting, and more to make it easier for franchise owners to run their businesses every day. This allows for more time to be spent on things like fixing devices, promoting locally, and training staff.

Exclusive to iDigital and its new family members

From startups in your neighborhood to multinational conglomerates like Apple®, Google®, Samsung®, HP®, GE®, and LG®, we work with businesses of all sizes and types across the country. The ability to form successful alliances makes us a formidable competitor to other franchises./h6>

It All Started With a Cracked Screen

How all started

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CTO of iDigital
After breaking his brand new Blackberry phone in 2007, iDigital's founder, Sebastian Marcello, had a spark of inspiration. In an effort to save money, Justin attempted to fix the phone on his own, but quickly realized he was in over his head. And so they set to work. iDigital began by selling phone repair services on eBay® before opening its first location in New Orleans, Louisiana. By 2007, the company had opened a record number of locations across the country.

The Experience

Learn More

If you want to talk about possibilities, dial 1.833.543.4448.

Potential Sales Venues

Our first store opened in 2007, and since then we have expanded around the globe to become a global powerhouse with stores in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.


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