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Logic Board

Logic Board

Repair Services 

As our electronic devices become more sophisticated, they also become more complex, and costly to replace. Whether it is an iPhone cracked screen or a Samsung battery replacement, a games console repair or a laptop fix, you need a repair solution that is quick, reliable and trustworthy. iDigital repair services offer a cost-effective way to maintain all your electronics, covering computers, laptops, Macs, iPhones, Android smartphones, Xbox, PlayStation and almost any other electronic device you can think of. 
Our certified engineers have vast experience in all forms of electronic repair, providing an expert service that delivers the exceptional standards that iDigital is known for. Using quality parts and with a full warranty on all work, our repair service for iPhone and other tech devices provides the repair solutions you can rely on. From a comprehensive diagnostic service that lets you know exactly what the problem is, to the warrantied repair itself, the iDigital repair service has you covered. 
Designed for convenience, you can drop off your device for repair at our New Orleans office, or simply mail it in. Either way, our commitment to quality repair, limited lifetime warranty on all our work and fast, affordable solutions to repair Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Mac, computer, games console or other tech remains the same. 
Don’t leave repairs to chance, iDigital delivers exceptional service from certified engineers, with affordable costs and full support every step of the way. iDigital provides the tech repair service you can trust. 

Micro Soldering 

There is no doubting how amazing tech devices are today, smartphones and other small devices have more computing power in them than the rockets that took us to the Moon. The reason that is possible is that components have been shrunk to shockingly small levels. Some key parts of an iPhone are as small as a grain of rice for instance. If these tiny parts become damaged, or the connections between them are broken due to accident damage, the repair is not straightforward. 
Gone are the days where you can take a normal soldering iron and re-fix a part, and this is where the iDigital repair service using micro soldering to fix your tech. Micro soldering uses specialized, extremely small soldering equipment, and is carried out by engineers using microscopes to see the parts and repair. Our team is micro soldering experts, and with a limited lifetime warranty on our repairs, you can enjoy the benefits of that skill with confidence. Whatever the device, our micro-soldering repair service delivers affordable repair solutions for every situation. 

Electronic Device Diagnostic 

In almost every aspect of life, from keeping in touch with friends to entertainment, whether a studio microphone or gadget, electronic devices are a significant part of life. They are often expensive too, so when your video camera, headphones, RC car or other electronic device has problems, finding out the problem and the cost of repair can save a lot of money compared to replacement. 
The iDigital repair service includes our comprehensive electronic device diagnostic service, that quickly finds the problem with all kinds of electronic equipment you may be using. From identifying broken cables to circuit board problems, we can quickly diagnose electronic devices and provide a view of the likely repair costs. 

Problems we fix such as and not limited to :

  1. Ripped Cables
  2. Overheated boards
  3. Headphones Audio Jack
  4. Sound System Channels
  5. TV Lights and Logicboards breaks
  6. VCR and Magnetic Players
  7. Auto Computers
  8. Video Cameras
  9. Printers and Faxes
  10. Musical Keyboard Key * Music Production
  11. Studio Microphones
  12. RC Cars and Drones
  13. Scratched CDs, DVDs, Video Games Discs
  14. LED customized panels
  15. Smart Shoe Repairs *Light up and Bluetooth
  16. Car Cluster


4041 Williams blvd b2 Kenner LA 70065


+1 504 342 9109

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