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Smarthome Installation and Support


Technology has become part of our daily lives, and with it, part of our homes. As technology develops and evolves, new opportunities appear, where the latest tech can transform how we live, improving every aspect of life.
At iDigital, we provide a range of home technology solutions that deliver the benefits of cutting-edge technology to your daily life. From solar panel installation to a complete integrated entertainment solution, we provide a discreet, professional solution for home technology installation to meet your needs.
We work with leading brands to deliver quality home technology solutions for power, security, convenience, and entertainment, delivering the new home experiences that the latest tech can provide. Our professional installers ensure a quality finish, respecting your home and providing exceptional results that don’t just work perfectly but look fantastic too.
Whether you need a new home security solution, want to take advantage of solar power, create a smart home with the latest in TV and sound, or a combination of all of these, we design and implement the very best home technology installation to match your budget. 

More than just the latest buzzword, smart home installations can transform the way you live. From heating and air conditioning controls that allow zonal temperatures, saving money and energy, to streamlining security and automation so that everything works for you.
From an air-con system that recognizes you left a window open and shuts down cooling in that room to lighting and entertainment that adapt to your needs at the touch of a button, a smart home installation saves you time, money and effort. The iDigital professionals can design and install bespoke smart home systems that can be extensive or focused as you prefer. With exceptional workmanship and reliable operation, we provide the complete smart home system you want.

1851 Rousseau st New Orleans LA 70130 USA
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