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Drone Repair and Upgrades


Whether used professionally, with photographers, farmers and more being able to capture images of terrain quicker than ever before, or you just love flying and racing, drones have revolutionized radio control flying.
However, while they are much easier to fly than other remote vehicles, a bumpy landing or wear and tear can mean that you need a drone repair service for your equipment. With iDigital’s repair service, you have a fast, cost-effective solution for your Mavic drone repair or any other brand. From transmitter issues to motor problems, whatever the make and model, our drone repair service gets you back in the air, fast.

We Repair 

  1. Water Damage Data Recovery
  2. Logic Board Component
  3. Chip Diagnostic and Replacement
  4. Storage Upgrade
  5. Physical Damage 
    A) Rear and Front Camera 
    B) Housing 
    C) Battery 
    D) Charging Port 
    E) WIFI and Cellular Issues 
    F) Controller Repair
1851 Rousseau st New Orleans LA 70130 USA
+1 504 342 9109
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