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Game Consoles Repair


Games consoles are complex, high-performance pieces of technology, the latest games push their abilities to the limits, and over time, that can mean you have problems. Whether a PS4 repair to fix disc read errors or Xbox One repair to fix the power button or fan problems, we take care of your games console repair needs. 
The iDigital games console repair service covers every console brand and variation. If your console is overheating, having disk problems, HDMI issues or anything else, we can provide the fast, effective console repair that gets you gaming again as affordably as possible. 

Game Consoles nowadays is a necessary thing at each home for entertainment. iDigital dedicated engineers were able to solver almost every problem in the consoles such as and not limited to

  1. Water Damage Data Recovery 
  2. Logic Board Component 
  3. Chip Diagnostic and Replacement 
  4. Physical Damage 
  5. WIFI and Cellular Issues 
  6. Dead LED 
  7. Harddrive Failure
  8. GPU or CPU overheating issues 
  9. Two beeps boot 
  10. HDMI Port
1851 Rousseau st New Orleans LA 70130 USA
+1 504 342 9109
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