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Smart Watches


Smartwatches add another dimension to our communications, working with smartphones to deliver notifications, messages, keep calendars and other tools within easy reach and so much more. They are also a significant investment, so whether you need an Apple watch repair or a Samsung watch fix, or any other smartwatch repair, we have the solution.
The iDigital repair service covers Apple watches, along with all other smartwatch designs and manufacturers, providing a fast, effective solution for most smartwatch repairs. From screen replacements to new batteries, whatever your smartwatch repair needs, we have you covered.

At iDigital, We Repair Hardware and Software issues related to all Apple Watches starting from Generation one to the current generation. We Repair 

  1. Glass only Repair "Glass or Digitizer"
  2. Screen Repair "LCD"
  3. Touch Repair
  4. Antenna Repair or no WIFI, LTE signal
  5. Battery Repair or expanded one
  6. Water Damage Repair
  7. Software Repair
  8. IOS Repair and Update 

    “Water resistance isn't a permanent condition and may diminish over time.“ -Apple RE watches

1851 Rousseau st New Orleans LA 70130 USA
+1 504 342 9109
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