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Repair Policy

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all data is backed up to a separate device before any repair. iDigital holds no responsibility for any data loss that occurs during a repair. If a customer decides not to proceed with work after diagnosis, they will be charged labor fees for that diagnosis as set out by the technician. Our Labor fees start at a $50 rate. If a repair is unsuccessful, the labor charges for the repair must still be paid.

All repairs include a Limited lifetime warranty on the repaired item. The warranty is restricted to defects in workmanship and parts for the life of the specific device repaired. This warranty will be void if the item is damaged by water, physically damaged (e.g. scratched or dropped), or suffers failure due to using non-authentic accessories. Our Limited lifetime warranty applies only to services provided by iDigital, and it is non-transferable. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person and for any reason. Batteries, charging ports warranty is 90 days only.

iDigital cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing damage to any item provided for repair, including any issues caused by improper use of the device, including Jailbreaking or rooting. This includes our Limited lifetime warranty for repaired items, damage caused by misuse voids that warranty with immediate effect. If we suspect that any damage was the result of drops, fall, slip, or other unintended use, it will not be covered under our warranty.

Our Limited lifetime warranty excludes cracked, damaged, or broken screens. iDigital can not be held accountable for any problems that result from user error, nor are we responsible in any way for issues with a device that has been dropped or subject to other unintended use after the repair has been completed.

If during the repair process, we damage a customer’s device, we will endeavor to repair the damage at our own cost. This can extend the repair schedule and we ask that 10 business days are allowed to obtain parts and repair the device. If we are unable to repair a device damaged by us, we will replace the device with a new/used/refurbished model of the same type and capacity within 30 business days. If a replacement is not required, the original repair cost will still apply.

iDigital will hold the customer’s device for up to 30 days after the repair is completed and the customer is notified through an email or text message or a phone call, payment of the repair shall be paid fully. After that period, the customer shall transfer the ownership of the device and the content inside for payment of the service rendered. iDigital has the right to add daily storage fees of $20.

Should iDigital have to file a lawsuit the customer shall be responsible for all court costs, all interest of 1% of the principle balance owned a month until its collected. And all reasonable attorneys fees.

There will be no compensation offered or given for the device, nor for any deposit or other payment made before the repair was undertaken. Besides, iDigital reserves the right to hold any device until payment in full is received for parts and labor associated with the repair. No inscription or engraving will be issued or refunded if we must replace the item.

For Water Damage, LOGIC BOARDS repair we will warranty the device up to 6 months AND EACH CASE various. For Logic Board Repair we will provide up to 6 months warranty on what we repaired ONLY. Warranty For battery and charging port or any plug and play ports is up to 90 days.

iDigital Parts ordering and shipping. When we order any parts from any vendor we use UPS, FEDIX, USPS, DHL. By using a third-party carrier even on overnight shipping we will not be able to guarantee the delivery furthermore we hold any liability over shipping delays and the client can not ask for a shipping cost refund or part refund until we contact the shipper to request our refund.

For DATA RECOVERY cases we use another form that will be signed by the client in addition to this. The second form will have the pricing of the case according to the data recovery category. We will not put a price on this so the customer will be following the second form pricing and not this one. Any tool or parts ordered for the data recovery will not be refunded. If the customer decided to stop the data recovery at any time, the client will be liable to pay the cost of the parts, tools, and any additional labor fees that will concur

If after submitting the case and receiving the service, if the client is not happy by our customer service or the quality of work we provided, please let us know before attempting to leave us a negative review. We aim to fully satisfy our clients by providing the highest quality of work.

We take fraud seriously, and any attempt to commit fraud against iDigital will be reported to law enforcement immediately and we will always seek legal recompense through the courts. Fraudulent clients who receive service and dispute the charge will be put on a list of fraudulent clients, the audio and video interaction will be posted on social media so other business owners are aware of them. Google and yelp will have a copy of the documents to void their fake negative reviews. We will not tolerate fraudulent interaction and we take legal action for damaging our reputation and destroying our brand.

iDigital policy is on continuous changes and modifications to better assist our clients. Please follow our website for the newest policy, or ask one of our representatives

By submitting your device for repair with iDigital, either through verbal agreement or a written one, you are acknowledging and agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.


Data Recovery Agreement 

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